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Training programs which were conducted partly at the request of other organizations 1991-1993

List of Trainees


As of 2018


FYCountryAffiliationNo. of personsHost Organization
1993RussiaUrals Research Center for Radiation Medicine1RERF
1993Russia and 2 other countriesEndocrinology Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences3Hiroshima Univ. Hospital and others
1993BelarusResearch Institute for Radiation Medicine4RERF
1993UkraineResearch Center for Radiation Medicine4Hiroshima Univ. Medical School and others
1993RussiaUrals Research Center for Radiation Medicine2RERF and others
1993UkraineChernigov Regional Hospital No. 21HACC and others
1993RussiaMedical Radiological Research Center1RERF and others
1993Russia and 2 other countriesHematology Research Center12RIRBM and others
1993Russia and 2 other countriesKlincy Diagnostic Center10RERF and others
1993Kazakhstan and 4 other countriesDept. of Health Care of Free Economic Region, Jazkazganskay12RERF
1993RussiaInstitute of Biophysics2RERF and others
1993BelarusMogilev Diagnostic Center1RERF
1993RussiaMedical Radiological Research Center1RIRBM and others
1993BelarusMinsk Medical Institute1RERF and others
1993UkraineInstitute of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Kiev2Hiroshima Univ. Medical School and others
1993Russia and 2 other countriesKlincy Diagnostic Center13RERF and others
1993BelarusMinsk Hospital No. 92HACC and others
1993UkraineResearch Center for Radiation Medicine1Hiroshima Univ. Medical School and others
1993CzechLiberec Hospital1Red Cross Hospital and others
1992UkraineUkrainian Center of Information Technologies & Chernobyl Register2RERF and others
1992Russia and another countryObninsk Center of Radiation Medicine8RIRBM and others
1992China and 10 other countriesJapan Atomic Energy Research Institute17RERF
1992KoreaIPPNW, Korea2Red Cross Hospital
1992UkraineChernigov Regional Hospital No. 22HACC
1992RussiaMedical Radiological Research Center5RERF
1992BelarusGomel Regional Executive Council Welfare Bureau2Red Cross Hospital and others
1992BelarusSamariania Medical Center3RIRBM and others
1992Russia and 2 other countriesNovosibirsk Newspaper9RERF
1992Russia and 2 other countriesRussian Ministry of Health9RIRBM and others
1992BelarusMinsk Hospital No. 72RERF and others
1992BrazilRio de Janeiro University1RERF
1992China and 7 other countriesJICA8RERF
1992UkraineZhytomyr Regional Balanovka Hospital3HACC
1992EnglandBritish Nuclear Fuel Limited4RERF
1992PolandPolish Atomic Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology3RERF and others
1992UkraineUkraine Research Center for Radiation Medicine2Red Cross Hospital and others
1992UkraineKiev Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology4RERF
1991EstoniaEstonian Ministry of Health2Hiroshima Univ. Medical School And others
1991BelarusGomel Regional Hospital2RERF and others
1991RussiaInstitute of Biophysics1RERF
1991BelarusMinsk Children's Clinic No. 22HACC and others
1991ChinaChinese Ministry of Health4RERF
1991RussiaInstitute of Biophysics5RERF
1991USSRUSSR Academy of Medicine5Red Cross Hospital and others
1991BrazilLeide das Neves Ferreira Foundation1RIRBM and others
1991Belarus and 2 other countriesGomel State Diagnostic Center and others9RERF and others
1991USSRZhytomyr Regional Children's Hospital1RERF and others
1991USSRKiev Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology1Red Cross Hospital and others
1991USSRDispensary Research Institute for Radiation Medicine, Belarus5Red Cross Hospital and others
1991USSRInstitute of Radiation Medicine, Kiev5RIRBM and others
1991USSRInstitute of Clinical Radiology, Scientific Center for Radiation Medicine1RERF and others
1991USSRMinsk Hospital No. 1 Children's Blood Center1RERF and others
1991USSRUkraine Children's Hospital for Radiation Protection4Red Cross Hospital and others

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